World topmost Qari Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Naina Visits Ma’hadul Qira’at

Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Ahmad Naina, the World topmost Qari of Egypt; President, Ittehadul Qurra Al-Alamiah & International Secretary, International Quran Recitation Association(IQRA) visits Institute of Quranic Science & Phonetics Bangladesh on 14th October, Sunday by the invitation of Sheikh Ahmad Yusuf Al-Azhari, President, International Quran Recitation Association(IQRA).

Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Ahmad Naina influenced the students about the Art of Recitation. He attended the International Sufi Conference at Basundhara Convention Center, Dhaka organized by PHP Family.



"خيركم من تعلم القرآن وعلمه"-'The best amongst you are the ones who learn Quran and teach it to others'