Save the Rohingya, save the humanity

All of you are aware of the fact that the military regime of Myanmar has been engaged in wanton killing of Rohingya Muslim community with a pre-meditated plan of action. As a result a great massacre on men,women and children of rohingyas are been taken place under the vail of genocide.The women and children are being killed at broad daylight.This helpless unarmed communities are being uprooted from their parental settlement by burning their houses,destroying their cultivable land and most heinously raping their women.In the meantime more than 600,000 thousands of refugees fled their country of origin for the safety of their life and reached Bangladeshi territory as asylum seeker and leading a wretched and inhuman life under open sky.

It is our moral,humanitarian and religious duties to stand beside this community.We should all come forward with needful support and assistance to this community who was subjected to brutal torture of Myanmar soldiers.

The Messenger of Allah said:
‘The blood of a Muslim is worth more than the Ka’aba and all of its surroundings.’
[Ibn Majah].

“A Muslim who engages himself in the assistance of another Muslim brother, deserves assistance from Almighty Allah”.[Narrated by Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Ubai (R)]

International Quran Recitation Association (IQRA) is a not for profit organization dedicated to the servitude of the welfare of humanity.

IQRA has taken full responsibility to support 501 Rohingya families by providing all the provisions including food,shelter and water supplies.

IQRA has also build Mosque and Madrasah at West Gunarpara, Thankkhali, Teknaf.

Those who are willing to provide humanitarian relief support to the wretched Rohingya brothers and sisters, are kindly requested to send provisions to the indicated or call us .Your donation and provisions of help given through IQRA is at our safe coffer and are delivered to the beneficiary with due diligence. Your valuable donation and fund will be properly distributed to the right and needy Rohingya families and any queries or information in regards to your donation would be readily available at the Facebook and Website of IQRA.

  • Bkash (personal) +8801911506212 [Sheikh Ahmad Bin Yusuf Al Azhari, Vice-president, IQRA ]
  • Bkash (personal) +8801676096206 [Hares Bin yusuf, Executive Coordinator, IQRA]
  • Bkash (personal) +8801920921435 [Education Administrator, Ma’hadul Qira’at Bangladesh]
  • Bank Account: Hares Bin Yusuf. Account Number: 33548.
    Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL). Dhanmondi Branch, Dhaka.


"خيركم من تعلم القرآن وعلمه"-'The best amongst you are the ones who learn Quran and teach it to others'